What we do

We give hope to the vulnerable

Youth Partnership Uganda Tree Nursery Bed Project Under Climate Resilience, operates a high diversity tree nursery bed in Kasese district and promotes the use of fruit and native tree species for ecological restoration ,agro forestry and creating a strong long term market for the indigenous tree species , the project enhances ecological restoration ,sustainably manage farmers who have been grouped into 24 different farmer groups each comprising of 30 members at village level in four implementing Sub Counties of Bwera ,Ihandiro, Nyakiyumbu, and Kitholhu, we have so far supplied over 80,000 tree seedlings

Currently Youth Partnership Uganda is implementing a piggery project in Kitholhu Sub County Kasese district, titled:Strengthening Household incomes through piggery production. Being funded by The Giving Exchange,(TGE) YPU has so far supplied over 66 piglets to aid families that were greatly affected by floods and landslides in May 2020 as a way to improve their household income and regain financial security through the implementation of individual pig farms. The program has benefited over 560 both direct and indirect beneficiaries.

In 2021 Youth Partnership Uganda implemented a project Titled Resilient Learning for children being funded by Foundation for Community development and Empowerment in three parishes of Kikyo, Buhatiro and Bubotyo in Ihandiro Sub County that have no access to Electricity and photocopying service to ease home learning for children during Covid -19 where 250 Solar lamps were given out to provide light for children during the night reading sessions especially from most vulnerable household in critical need, aimed at contributing to improved learning outcomes for children during and after Covid-19 in Ihandiro Sub County

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In 2017 Youth Partnership Uganda implemented a project titled AIDS care and treatment project targeting the Most at risk population (MARPS) especially the commercial sex workers in Mpondwe Lhubiriha Town Council in Bukonzo west kasese district using the moon light testing from bars and lodges and other hotsports , the project was being funded by Centre for Disease Control / Uganda Episcopal Conference/ Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau CDC/UEC/UCMB/, in partnership with Kasanga Primary Health Care; it was implemented from May to September 2017.

Since 2012  YPU introduced a sports programme that brings the youth together through football and netball as a strategy of harmonizing peace and coexistence in the community as well as sharing valuable information on child marriage, girl child education ,Environmental conservation, Sanitation, Hygiene and health. This programme has been ongoing for at least six years and is implemented in every April and December of each year. This programme is implemented in partnership with other development partners At least 10 netball and football teams are mobilized to participate in this community event annually for both in and out of school Youth