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Re: Concept Paper on:  Humanitarian food Aid Support for 1642 displaced vulnerable people at Kiraro Primary School Camp in Kitholhu Sub County, Kasese District in Uganda.

Organizational Background:

Youth Partnership Uganda (YPU) is a nonprofit community based organization that was established in 2009 by Youth activists out of desire to protect and promote the basic human rights of marginalized groups of people in Kasese District and the Rwenzori region at large especially the Youth, children, women, elderly and people with disabilities who are commonly deprived of their fundamental human rights.

Youth Partnership Uganda is registered with Kasese District local Government under the community development services department with registration number 122.

The organizations head office is located in Mpondwe Lhubiriha Town Council along Bwera Hospital road in Nyabutundu Cell, Mpondwe ward, Plot 5 and our area of scope is Kasese and other neighboring districts.

Youth Partnership Uganda recognized the need of human rights education, support to violence victims, health reforms for sustainable community transformation in the post conflict area especially here in Kasese district.

Introduction of the activity

On 20th May 2020 two other major rivers originating from Mount Rwenzori over flooded after a heavy down pour of rainfall that flooded rivers and causing landslides displacing over 1642 people in Kitholhu Sub county, claiming lives of more than eight people, destroying crops, animals, houses and properties worth billions of money

After the disaster had occurred Youth Partnership Uganda staff carried out a rapid needs assessment to inform its immediate and long term community intervention to avert the situation of floods and landslides that has displaced 1642 people now in a devastating and pathetic situation at Kiraro Primary school.

 Although Uganda is taking strides to combat the spread of covid19 by practicing all the preventive measures, displaced people in the camp with categories of Orphans and other Vulnerable Children, widows, single mothers, youth, elderly, and children from child headed

 Families, people with HIV/AIDS and those with diabetes and hepatitis still face a great challenge of starvation, lack of accessibility to drugs and poor hygiene at the camp, the one month extension by the president under quarantine yet the disasters had displaced them has greatly affected their socio economic activities which have been their means of survival in fending for their families especially buying food stuffs, soap and other basics.

The situation in the camp is devastating and pathetic which has threatened their health status and denial to a right to food, medical care, clean water and sanitation which are their fundamental human rights. These were one of the key human rights violations that were critically identified by Youth Partnership Uganda staff during the rapid needs assessment.

The camp has 145 total house hold with a total population of 1642 people, 290 are adults where 141 are male and 149 are female, 11 are single mothers.8 are widows, 641 are youth where males are 289 and 352 are females, 711 are children of age bracket from 0-5 years are 264 where 129 are males 143 are females, from 6-10 years they are 148 where males are 69 and 79 are females,

from 11-15 years they are 148 where 72 are males and 76b are females, from 16-18 years they are 151 where 70 are males and 81 are females.

The total number of women and girls menstruating are 281 and the expectant mothers are 86 who also need serious attention in the camp.

It’s against this background that Youth Partnership Uganda seeks support of 3000 US dollars to help in purchasing food supplies like maize flour, beans and Rice, hand washing facilities, sanitary pads for the women and girls, masks , soap for hand washing and blankets to cover the children since the area is a very cold place for the infants.


Once the funds are realized Youth Partnership Uganda will coordinate with the Sub County chief, Sub County Community development officer, the Chairperson local council three and we distribute food supplies and other support to the displaced people at the camp. Food support and other humanitarian aid will be distributed to the 145 house hold heads by our staff who shall execute this service at the camp while taking pictures and video of how the supply is conducted. Youth Partnership Uganda shall produce a comprehensive report with pictures and video clips and submit it to the funder and also share it with other stakeholders and development partners

Target Group.

The number of people expected to directly benefit from this intervention are 1642 people in the camp who will actively be involved in the distribution of the Humanitarian Aid fundraised or donated.

Expected venue of the activity:

The activity shall take place in the camp at Kiraro Primary School where the displaced victims temporally reside.

 Expected outcomes

Youth Partnership Uganda  shall support 145 house hold families in the camp with  food supplies and soap and other humanitarian aid reaching out to 1642 beneficiaries each house hold receiving, 10kgs of maize flour,4kgs of beans,3kgs of rice, one bar of soap for hand washing, the camp will be provided with two hand washing facilities,264 blankets supplied to children below the age of 6 years, 1378 masks given out to people above six years and 281 reusable sanitary pads given to each menstruating women or girl in the camp

Period for activity implementation

The period for implementing the activity will be as soon as the funds are realized but Youth Partnership Uganda shall contribute 589 $ collected from friends therefore it seeks 3000 $ to meet its Budget

                                          Budget for the Humanitarian Relief



Unit cost in shillings


Total cost

Sources of  funds



US $




Maize flour
































Hand washing facilities
















Sanitary pads








Grand Total








Note YPU stands for (Youth Partnership Uganda)

Prepared by Kambere Jolly Julius

Programs Coordinator     Youth Partnership Uganda

P O Box 585 Kasese Uganda

Tel: +256772675637

Email: or


in photo: Landslides view

Iin photo: Our staff addressing the victims as we register them

in photo: One of the flooded rivers that swept the bridge and community constructed a temporally one for the mean time

In photo: Children in a temporal kitchen In the camp at the school

In photo: Floods hit  Kisabu primary school one of the nearby schools to Kiraro Primary