COVID19 Emergency response Fund

Currently Youth Partnership Uganda is responding to COVID19 Pandemic through sensitizing community members on preventive measures and supply of food stuffs ,masks and hand washing facilities, to vulnerable families with orphans, young mothers and their infants, HIV/AIDS patients, sickle cell and diabetic patients, people with disabilities and the elderly where  Kelly Goodman and her friends have supported Youth Partnership Uganda with funds to purchase food stuffs, so far we have covered 30 under that fund and FCDE gave out some emergency response fund to purchase food supplies to 20 families with OVCs and their grandmothers  in Mpondwe Lhubiriha so far in total  50 house hold families have been covered out of 700 which have been starving within our area of operation due to the lockdown and other being hit by the floods in kasese town also Tom Johnson  111  donated 5  hand washing facilities that are being used in public places in Mpondwe Lhubiriha town council and at Youth Partnership Uganda and Youth Empowering initiative one of our partner organization..

in photo: Youth Partnership Uganda staff ready to move home to home supplying food to community members during the COVID19 Lockdown

in photo One of the Grandmothers taking care of the Orphans and other Vulnerable Children Receives food stuffs to support her During the Covid19 lockdown

Ihandiro Vocational Secondary school Human Rights club

in photo: Students of Ihandiro Vocational Secondary school Human Rights club pose out for a photo after the training by Kambere Julius the Programs Coordinator

in photo: One of the vulnerable Mothers receives food stuff from Youth Partnership Uganda staff being Donated by Kelly Goodman and friends from USA during Covid19 lockdown to avert starvation

in photo One of the young girls from a child headed family in Ihandiro Sub County receives food stuff and bar of soap from Jimmy Tibaismwe the Project Officer Youth Partnership Uganda

Girls Rights Advocacy Project

From November 2019 to June 2020 Youth Partnership Uganda is implementing the Girls Right Advocacy project focusing on building the girls self esteem, mentorship, public speaking skills and media advocacy in a bid to end child marriage, teenage pregnancy, violence against children and women in Ihandiro Sub County Kasese District being funded by Foundation For Community Development and empowerment (FCDE) which is ongoing and we hope to reach more that 25000 people both direct and indirect beneficiaries ,its being implemented in seven schools both primary and secondary in three parishes of Kihoko Ihango and Buhatiro and as well as in all churches in the respective parishes  where Youth Partnership Uganda has formed and trained the Human rights clubs in school and those in the community about their sustainability after the project has ended.

Secondary school Human Rights club

in photo: Students of ST Peters Anglican Vocational Secondary school Human Rights club

in photo: Members of the board and staff after the Advocacy training at Bwera Secondary school Nov 2017

in photo: Youth Partnership Uganda staff, Religious leaders, Police, CDOs, sub county chiefs and local council chairpersons during the Project Launch at Bwera Secondary about Ending child marriage in kasese and Uganda at large,

in photo: After the project evaluation meeting with YPU staff, ACODEV staff and the funders from (KIOS) THE FINISH NGO FOR HUMAN RIGHTS

Gender strengthening project

In 2012 another project titled Strengthening gender equity behaviors among the youth in Mpondwe Lhubiriha town council was implemented being funded by KIOS under partnership Programme with ACODEV Uganda ,the project was promoted through sports and we managed to reach 2560 youth in the town council both in and out of school- it was successfully implemented and it led to the formation of community advocacy committees that promote gender equity behaviors among the Youth.


in photo: Youth Partnership Uganda uses sports as one way to attract the community members as a platform to pass some advocacy message about gender equality and gender equity among the youth

in photo: Through organizing sports activities Youth Partnership Uganda  gets the platform to attract community members as one was to sensitize community members on issues that affect them.

Ending Child marriage and teenage pregnancy a CSO Led Advocacy campaign Project

Youth Partnership Uganda implemented a project Titled Ending child marriage in Uganda A CSO Led advocacy campaign particularly in Kasese district in four sub counties of Nyakiyumbu, Nyakatonzi, Katwe Kabatoro Town Council and Ihandiro aiming at popularizing the national strategy to end child marriage and teenage pregnancy that started on 1st September 2017 and ending February 2019. Being funded by Amplify Change coordinated by Joy For children Uganda and Girls Not Brides Uganda Alliance of which Youth Partnership Uganda is a member and also a member to Girls Not Brides International a global Partnership to end child marriage.

 under this project We have engaged technical and political stake holders both at district and sub county level and a budget line has been created at all levels purposely to address issues concerning child marriage and teenage pregnancy, the stakeholders have signed a commitment /agreement to end child marriage we have developed a network with other CSO in the district to address child marriage through team work and we have formed child right advocacy committee in sub county to help in advocacy work and also we have advocated for the increase of the district budget line on issues affecting children and we have managed to enroll back 35 young mothers in schools.

in photo: Youth Partnership Uganda conducts a one day advocacy training for all stake holders, the religious leaders, Police officers, Political Leaders, Champions, Teachers technical leaders from various sub counties and at District

Girl Child Education– a fundamental Human Right Project

In 2014 Youth Partnership Uganda  implemented a project titled Girl child education a fundamental human right aiming at Strengthening sustainable community accessibility to basic education for the girl child through supporting the enrolment and retention of girl child in and those missing out of school in Ihandiro sub county Kasese district as a way to achieve the sustainable development goals four and five, we managed to mobilized 35 young mothers who enrolled back in school and have completed school and YPU has continued to form and mobilize more young mothers to enroll back especially in the project area

in photo: After the training workshop for the Girl Child Education project in Ihandiro sub county in attendance are Teachers, Local, Technical and religious leaders

Media Focus On Africa Advocacy Project

Youth partnership Uganda programs staff attended a one day training on how best we can use media in advocating for the rights of children, the training was organized by Media Focus On Africa in partnership with Kasese guide radio and other CSO and youth partnership Uganda staff attended , the training focused on how we can use the (omukekera) around fire conversation as one way to talk about the issues that affect our community like gender based violence, violence against children and women

The training attracted civil society organization, cultural leaders, media houses around the district and opinion leaders among others.