Child education sponsorship program

In Kasese District and Uganda at large, two-thirds of children drop out of school before completing their primary education. Recent statistics in Kasese indicate that for every 94% girl children who attend primary one, only 32% manage to reach primary seven. Three-quarters of the children who start primary education never make it to secondary level.

Kambere Julius the programs Coordinator Youth Partnership Uganda blames this trend on poverty as the lead cause ,violence against children in most Homes, school, parental neglect and lack of cooperation among the community to have guided this trend, children living in Kasese slums do not attend school. Out of the 91% children that enroll for primary school, 53% complete primary and only 34% complete secondary school education.

Most families survive on less than $1 or $2 (Between UGX3500 to UGX7,000) per day and parents from such families often cannot afford paying school fees and providing school requirements for their children.

To keep children from underprivileged families in school and promote quality education, Youth Partnership Uganda under its Child Education sponsorship Program currently supports 156 children others with tuition fees and others with scholastic materials like books, pens, mathematical sets, bags, uniform, shoes to mention but a few without forgetting reusable sanitary pads for the girls, where 106 children are in various primary schools and 50 are also in secondary/High school. These children are identified through Youth Partnership Uganda’s direct engagements in slum, hard to reach areas of Kasese and other areas of operation, from child headed families, under privileged homes and orphans.

youth partnership sponsership program

The program started in 2019 with only 50 students from underprivileged and others from child headed families where some witnessed the death of their parents due to wars, HIV/AIDS and tribal conflicts, Girl Child education a fundamental human rights t Project and has since then expanded to benefit children from other areas in Kasese District.

When a child gets a sponsor, the (sponsor) contributes $20 monthly which is (UGX 72,000) for one primary school child to study for three terms in one year before getting promoted to another class/ level and $38 monthly which is (UGX136,000) for one secondary/high school student to study for three terms in one year before getting promoted to another class or level. This contribution helps that child to stay in school and complete primary or secondary education or both depending on the sponsor’s affordability.

Youth Partnership Uganda staff meets these children regularly to ascertain their performance at school and their social well being at home. The sponsored children also benefit from our Children Activities Project where they are involved in play, carrier guidance, counseling singing, drawing and shading, Bible stories, holiday talks for the teenage children and relational ministries.

The children on our program and their sponsors have a unique relationship. They (children) write a letter per term that is sent together with their school reports and current photos to the sponsors. The sponsors also write to their children and the staff delivers the letters to which the child replies.

We would love to have more children benefit from the services that the Child education Sponsorship Program” provides but we are limited with funds.  We are over whelmed with sponsorship requests each received monthly. You can create a difference and bring a smile on the face of such underprivileged in their life and family by sponsoring a child or donating towards the child education sponsorship program.


To sponsor a child, email us at our staff will promptly respond and give you the details you need.


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