Organs of the organization and management:

The Annual General Assembly (AGM) The decision-making structure in YPU is composed of an Annual General  Assembly of members , Executive Board, and a secretariat comprising of a Management Team and Support Staff. The organization is having the following organs

Annual General Forum (AGM) is an organ of all members of the organization the full members, Associate members, Honorary members and partners/other stakeholders. This Assembly meets together once a year to discuss issues for the organization and share experiences in work and to get acquainted with the progress of the work of the organization and also to set a way forward for the work of the organization.

Executive Committee

The committee is drawn from the members and consists of 8(eight) members of whom one is either elected from the public or partner organization to give technical advice to the board members. The executive committee formulates and oversees the managerial work and ensure effective running of the affairs of the organization. Members of the Organization elect from among themselves who to be responsible for a given position.

The board constitutes itself into several committees namely; Planning and Research Committee (PRC) and Finance and Administration Committee (FAC) to enhance the Boards efficiency and effectiveness. The Executive Director (ED) serves on the Board as secretary and an ex-official. The Executive continue to provide insight as well as pushing forward policy development relevant to the effective implementation of this plan and growth needs for Youth Partnership Uganda.

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                 Name                                  Title                             Gender        

  • Bwambale  Morish,       Executive Director,                       M,     
  • Kambere Julius,             Programms Coordinator,            M,   
  • Bwambale Mackinon     Accountant                                    M        
  • Muhindo M Betty,           Accounts Assistant,                     F,   
  • Tibaisimwe Jimmy,        HIV/AIDS and SRH Officer,          M,
  • Muhindo Hellen,               Gender Officer,                          F, 
  • Kiiza  Jesca ,                       Office Attendant ,                      F, 
  • Muhindo Alice,                    Volunteer,                                 F,  
  • Bwambale Gerald,             Environmental officer ,           M, 
  • Masika Anita                         Volunteer                                F

The Board

          The Board                                                      Title

  1. Rev Wilson Kighoma                       Chairperson Board
  2. Mary Kabwa                                       Vice Chairperson
  3. Jemima Kithengere                        Youth Representative ,Finance and Admin
  4. Gladys  Biira                                       Member Gender Issues
  5. Nathan Bwambale                          Human Resource  and Publicity
  6. Morish Bwambale                           ED/ Secretary
  7. Mary   Masika                                     Member,Finance and Admin
  8. Benard Mbusa                                 Treasure

Our Team

Bwambale Moris

Executive Director
Bwambale Morish
Tel +256782743252
Email: clyronmyway@gmail.com

Benard Mbusa

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Bwambale Mackinon

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