Each year volunteers from around the globe experience the life-changing power of Youth Partnership Uganda. Our volunteers are in two categories; Local Volunteers and Global Volunteers. Whatever your skills, and whatever your reasons for volunteering, you can join our vibrant team.

in photo: A team of  Student Volunteers who had come to Uganda to study more in different fields of study some are from Europe, Asia, America and others from  African Countries

Local Volunteers

Youth Partnership Uganda registers local volunteers annually they fill a commitment and contract form which provides them with access to orientation training after registering.

The local volunteers (Members) own the organization and are responsible for proposing project activities, implementing programs and guiding foreign volunteers who come to our organization each year.

We register volunteers both local and international members and the number is growing quickly as we expand our programs and move into additional districts.

Our local volunteers are on the ground working in the communities in which they live in or familiar to, bringing with them a thorough understanding of both people’s needs and the critical social and economic issues facing them.

After becoming registered members, the local volunteers are required to contribute their time and labor to Youth Partnership Uganda activities.

In return, the volunteers benefit by gaining project experience and knowledge; accessing training opportunities; involving them in community activities; receiving related allowances; and building reputations in their own communities. The local members are then promoted to advanced positions based on the acquisition of new skills, educational training and commitment to projects.


Youth Partnership Uganda volunteers from all over the world have made a tremendous impact on the lives of children and youth in Kasese District and the Rwenzori Region at large.

We recruit global volunteers according to project needs and the specific skills required.
Global volunteers can either choose to contribute as on-site volunteers in Kasese or as remote volunteers from their home country.

They contribute to YPU mission vision and objectives by either working on-site with our local members, or remotely from their home countries. Youth Partnership Uganda volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and have included college students looking to gain more community experience in a rural and urban setting and experienced professionals hoping to better understand project design and implementation in developing countries.

Fill out our volunteer application form to receive more information and learn how you can contribute to Youth Partnership Uganda.

Become a Volunteer

Youth Partnership Uganda volunteers are required to pay a fee to the organization after being accepted and they are responsible for their upkeep (accommodation, meals and travel expenses) while at the project unless agreed upon with the volunteer, the organization can take the responsibility of availing accommodation, meals and inland travel expenses but on an agreed fee paid by the volunteer in advance. We can help you make estimates of possible expenditure and this depends on how long you intend to stay at the project.