Youth in Sports and mentoring programme

 Youth in Sports and mentoring programme

Since 2012  YPU introduced a sports programme that brings the youth together through football and netball as a strategy of harmonizing peace and coexistence in the community as well as sharing valuable information on child marriage, girl child education ,Environmental conservation, Sanitation, Hygiene and health. This programme has been ongoing for at least six years and is implemented in every April and December of each year. This programme is implemented in partnership with other development partners At least 10 netball and football teams are mobilized to participate in this community event annually for both in and out of school Youth


In photo: Youth Partnership Uganda uses sports activities as a platform to pass a message about gender equity and gender mainstreaming

A Flateen Youth Social and Financial Education Project

A Flateen project (financial literacy) implemented in 2015/2016 in 20 secondary school and five community based Youth Groups which comprised of  Youth who are out of school in Kasese district) it was being funded by CITI Bank in partnership with the The PRIVATE EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT NETWORK we managed to reach  3500 students and 300 youth who are out of school that have begun some economic enterprises in their communities and at school level which have helped them to generate income that can help to improve on their livelihood it was implemented in the sub counties of  Nyakiyumbu ,Munkunyu, Kisinga, Kyarumba,Nyamwamba Divison Mahango and Maliba sub counties among others specifically in secondary schools and the community youth groups were Agape of hope Female Youth Development Association, kyarumba Anti AIDS youth group,Kitsutsu United Youth Organization, Kabalya Youth Farmers Partnership and Kasokero Youth Amalgamated students

youth partnership mentoring progamme

in photo: Band procession in Kasese town during the flatten project launch partnership Project with Private Education Development Network. (PEDN)

youth partnership band awareness

in photo: During the  Flateen Youth Social and Financial Education Project  launch at kasese primary school