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On Friday, President Yoweri Museveni suggested that there was not enough money to help everyone. He said food donation was not an exercise in poverty reduction

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Does your company or clinic have excess medical inventory? You can donate these surplus items to health facilities around the world that struggle to provide their patients with the care they need

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We make it easy, quick, and safe to support people on the ground who understand needs in their communities better than anyone else


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Welcome to Youth Partnership Ugnda

Youth Partnership Uganda (YPU) is a community based organization that was established in 2009 by Youth activists out of desire to protect and promote the basic human rights of marginalized groups people in Kasese District and the Rwenzori region at large especially the Youth , children, women, elderly and people with disabilities who are commonly deprived of their fundamental human rights.

Youth Partnership Uganda is a nonprofit making organization registered with Kasese District local Government under the community development services department with registration number 122.The organization head office is located in Mpondwe Lhubiriha Town Council along Bwera Hospital road in Nyabutundu Cell, Mpondwe ward, Plot 5 on Jolly’s House and our area of scope is Kasese and other neighboring districts.

Current programs


Currently Youth Partnership Uganda is implementing a piggery project in Kitholhu Sub County Kasese district


Youth Partnership Uganda Tree Nursery Bed Project Under Climate Resilience, operates a high diversity tree nursery bed in Kasese district


In 2021 Youth Partnership Uganda implemented a project Titled Resilient Learning for children in three parishes of Kikyo, Buhatiro and Bubotyo

Latest statistics

1 M
Child Marriages

More than 650 million women already suffer the consequences of child marriage

1 M

150 million more girls will be married in childhood by 2030​More than 650 million women already suffer the consequences of child marriage

62 %
Our target

Globally, the rates of child marriage are slowly declining but progress isn’t happening fast enough


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