COVID19 Emergency response Fund

COVID19 Emergency response Fund

Currently Youth Partnership Uganda is responding to COVID19 Pandemic through sensitizing community members on preventive measures and supply of food stuffs ,masks and hand washing facilities, to vulnerable families with orphans, young mothers and their infants, HIV/AIDS patients, sickle cell and diabetic patients, people with disabilities and the elderly where  Kelly Goodman and her friends have supported Youth Partnership Uganda with funds to purchase food stuffs, so far we have covered 30 under that fund and FCDE gave out some emergency response fund to purchase food supplies to 20 families with OVCs and their grandmothers  in Mpondwe Lhubiriha

youth partnership uganda COVID19 Emergency response Fund

in photo: Youth Partnership Uganda staff ready to move home to home supplying food to community members during the COVID19 Lockdown

so far in total 50 house hold families have been covered out of 700 which have been starving within our area of operation due to the lockdown and other being hit by the floods in kasese town also Tom Johnson 111 donated 5 hand washing facilities that are being used in public places in Mpondwe Lhubiriha town council and at Youth Partnership Uganda and Youth Empowering initiative one of our partner organization..

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